concept art from past projects

concept art for a few different mini games I worked on a while back

some of these were fictional places, while others were recreated pieces of history

mock up of flashlight mini game mechanic

radar scan mini game mechanic

some characters...

...and some graphic design stuff from time to time


Sprint Planning Meeting Sketch

Flight to Kansas

Painted this on a flight from Atlanta to Kansas


Painting after a day of walking the beach - lots of cool fish and crabs. We were just south of the tip of Rocky Point.

more sketches

lunch sketch

Purnell Center for the Arts at Carnegie Mellon University.

Meeting sketches (playing Witcher 3 lately)

Quick paint

playing with a couple different techniques with lasso & gradients


Indispensable Tools: IVONA Reader

Instead of just posting art on my site, I thought I'd also post useful tools whether it be software or hardware, that I have discovered and incorporated into my workflow/lifestyle in the digital age.

A few months back, I installed a plugin for chrome that reads your clipboard's text in the browser. After hunting around and customizing the features a bit, I've found this feature to be outstanding for reading articles and books while I paint or work on things I don't have to think critically about. Rendering mostly. After getting amazon kindle books that do not have options for audiobook/whispersync, I've found that copying from the pc's clipboard instead of being tied to a browser is a much better way to go. In my search for good software to do this kind of thing, I've come across ivona reader. This small app has an option called clipboard monitor, which you can toggle on and off, and reads any copied text at multiple speeds in several different languages. With a lexicon, you can adjust how it reads certain words if it's got a robotic sound to it to pull off the pronunciation correctly from that point on. I've used it for about six months now, and have found it extremely useful. I purchased two voices, Brian, the British male voice, and Raveena, an female voice with an Indian accent.I find that these accents help mask the more robotic inflections of the software, and sound quite natural. Crank up the settings and it reads at twice the speed I could normally read while I'm doing something else, like the dishes with Bluetooth headphones on etc. Since installing this software, I've listened to over 20 books, and probably a hundred articles. I find it indispensable for those who love to learn, but don't have the time to sit and read as much as they'd like to.

Hopefully since this company is owned by Amazon, they'll incorporate it into their kindle devices/software in the future.

There's a 30 day trial of the software and of each individual voice, which is downloaded separately.
Check it out here: http://www.ivona.com/us/for-individuals/voices-and-text-reader/