Project for mi Papa

The last couple months I have been working on and off on this project for my Dad's birthday. He's an engineer and works in aeronautics. He requested a painting of a helicopter, so here's my process shots and final design.

I start with some quick thumbnails to get an idea for the design of the aircraft, and the layout of the composition. I like to look over my reference images of  planes/helicopters I've collected, along with other concepts from several artists to get my brain going and help inspire my own designs.

I liked the where these were going with the sea-life/military design influences. I was thinking an attack helicopter of some sort to create a dynamic composition.  Crabs and sharks have a great balance of smooth and sharpness in their designs, so I wanted to incorporate both, with a military color scheme and/or weaponry.

After trying a couple texture variations, its onto the final layout. I showed the early thumbnails to my dad, and he really liked the view of the aircraft looking out the side, so I went with this as the foreground elements. Throwing in some tilt to the horizon line, and some bullet casings flying out the chopper. I like how this turned out, my dad was happy with it as well.

Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. The helicopter is actually superb. You deserve more recognition.

  2. Thanks, I really enjoy your website btw :D

  3. This looks awesome. This should have been modeled for the game "battlefield 2142" some time ago :) It would have fit to the game!

    1. Thanks. The Battlefield series is a heavy influence on my work.