My external hard drive died the other day, so I went searching through my dropbox to see what I had saved. I found a few nuggets here and there that reminded me of the good old days of projects past.

These were trees for a jungle/swamp environment that were to have a similar feel to the bio luminescence of the jungles in the movie Avatar. These guys actually were some of the better looking trees I later created in speedtree, brought them into hero engine, where the shaders proceeded to never work correctly. If they had, these would be what they'd have looked like. Dynamic detail meshes were also created in this theme, but too lazy to post that too.

There were quite a few different environments. Badlands, Strangelands, Wastelands etc...

Here's some different backgrounds for the loading screens and menus


  1. I just saw your comment on my blog. Thanks, Andrew! Awesome work you have here.