Lunch Mash-up

I've been listening to a lot of mash-ups, and realized I like them because they mix two or more things together that would never normally be mixed, and pull it off in such a way that if you had never heard either song, you would think it was written that way. I feel this describes the inside of my head quite frequently. I see something visually interesting, add it to something else, and create a mash-up in my head that has it's own story or function that most of the time is ridiculous. Here's an example from a sketch at lunch today. I have a collection of images in a 'Draw Me' folder that I find over the years to do studies of. Sometimes it's attempting to match the style of a concept piece I really like, sometimes it's a still life or figure drawing exercise.

Today I wanted to take a landscape my parents sent me from a recent trip to Yellowstone, and change the color palette from a study another concept artist had done. Near the end it needed a little something so I added some flair via a tv ad kind of layout. I'll have to record it, I'm usually still at work at 5.

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