The content below are some examples of my work for a cancelled project: "Prime: Battle for Dominus," later renamed "Dominus." It was a three faction sci-fi MMO which I had the pleasure to work on for over two years. My responsibilities focused primarily on concept art, but also included marketing materials, graphical user interface design, logo creation, matte painting for in-game sky boxes, animated 3D web elements, and other tasks.

Working under heavy time constraints, 'Paint-Overs' were often needed. Art direction for these were to take screen shots from specific areas in-game (Hero Engine) and paint over them to create a mood and props for the environment artists to populate the levels. The majority of the time specific documentation was not provided, allowing for much creative freedom on my end. The images containing 'screen shots from engine' do not include art created myself.

This environment takes place in a 'near future' battle-torn New York City subway. Subways also included 'dead end' props  (click images for high res)

Environments ranged from urban human interiors to exteriors on alien worlds.

I was responsible for creating the visual style for one faction's six alien worlds. Each presented a fresh challenge due to drastic variety of environments, inhabitants, and game design goals.

Anzo: Ice planet (click images for high res)
Calex: Crystal planet (click images for high res)
Capsa: Underground environment (click images for high res)

Romar: Overgrown jungles (click images for high res)
Zuul: Obsidian environment (click images for high res)
Dominus: Source of the game's primary resource 'prime' (glowing green crystals) (click images for high res)

Weapon concepts varied from futuristic human ranged weapons, to alien staffs that included organic elements. (click images for high res)

Graphic User Iterface (GUI)
I designed GUI for all menus, character creation/server selection screens, overhead maps, ability icons, and all interactive windows/buttons used in game play, and loading screens. It was a fun challenge working closely with the graphic design guys, making sure my Photo shop files were labeled in a way they could understand and implement into Hero Engine efficiently. (click images for high res)
Prop designs
Some prop concepts required certain game play elements to be taken into consideration, while others were used to keep the environments interesting and consistent with the back story. (click images for high res)

Creature designs
Strange alien species acting as mob enemies as well as players' pets. (click images for high res)

Marketing Material
I worked on a lof of marketing material, including the game's logos, t-shirts, wallpapers, forum icons, as well as learning Zbrush to create an animated view of each world for the website.